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Lion + The Lamb Brand Shoot

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

I got the message from Joanne in 2020, right at the start of me finally taking my photography business seriously. It was a simple ask for a brand shoot featuring new merch pieces. All of her pieces spread the message of Jesus which is something, if you know me, I am beyond passionate about.

I hopped on board immediately. sign me up, Joanne.

I didn't realize that in that simple "yes" I would be signing up for longer term creative partnership that I am constantly so blessed by. Lion + The Lamb is more than just a clothing brand that offers incredible products, but it is also backed by a founder that has an incredibly humble, talented, and giving heart. Any business like that I want to be a part of.

So, let's dive into the inspo behind the most recent Lion + The Lamb Brand Shoot


Where do You start with a brand shoot?

First, We built a mood board that we created through pinterest (but you could also use a word document with pasted photos that fit your desired vibe). For this shoot we wanted to go in the direction of a little bit more of a grungy 90's film look. We Wanted to capture the mood of a bunch of young friends having fun and living free in their 20's. So, to add to the mood, I also curated a little playlist that got my models in the mood to shoot & helped them become fully immersed in the era we were shooting for

*searches spotify for 90's playlist*

Location Number 1:

I chose the 1st location based off of wanting to have a more playful vibe as well as wanting to dress up an underestimated location. I find such great joy out of making something incredible out of something that most people would overlook. So we shot at a baseball field with bleachers to use as a prop for posing. The more opportunities a location gives me to make creative posing happen, the better!

Creative Tips:

As you peruse the photo gallery on the baseball field, you may notice some photos look like film. I did this without a film camera & with using panty-hose. yepp, you read that right. I stretch panty-hose over the lens to create a filmy & blurry effect. This added to the vintage look we were going for for this specific shoot.

More Photos? Okay, if you say so...

& Now, Location Number 2:

& Next up - the tennis court! In the creative photography field, I see a lot of unusual locations being used to market for a multitude of things. I wanted to add an element of nostalgia to the playfulness of a tennis court so we brought our favorite childhood cereals on set with us! lucky charms, want to sponsor us? ;) This also gave my models something to interact with and add to the creativity of posing.

Now what?

Either you are reading as an aspiring photographer, a brand owner, or a curious friend and in all those positions you can create something unique too. Don't be afraid to come up with a little out-of-the-box concept, and GOOOOO FOOOOR ITTTTTTT.

Also, if you need creative brand photos - let me know ;) I make a mean photoshoot playlist & love to do new things and represent your brand well.

Love, Kelly @ Kelly Meets world.

Visit lion + The lamb's website/online store at


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