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 When you work with me you will not be faced with a lifeless and quiet photographer,  you will get a part time hype woman & dance party encourager. I am full of life and love to make you feel good about yourself. My trademark is the amount of times I say “wow, are you kidding me?” and squeal during the middle of a shoot because of the absolute GOLD you are giving me on the other side of the lens. 


I am an energetic, optimistic, and creative lover of life. I picked up a purple film camera when I was 8 and never stopped since. I took advanced photo courses in high school and honed in on my craft in college. Once I graduated from Southeastern University, I ended up having the thought of “wow, this fills me with joy - why not do it ALL the time?” So here I am. Filling my days with photos of you because I love getting to know you and then representing that through something you will forever cherish. 

When I am not shooting, I am with my friends, dancing hard (not subtly) to music, and adventuring to new places. I love getting outside of my comfort zone and trying new things, even if it means I am doing it on my own. I absolutely love the airport because it just means that I get to be in another place with new & incredible people very soon. I love deep conversations, hot tea, and the beach. If you want to give me a perfect day, set me on the beach with music and give me the opportunity to be in the water & be goofy with my people.

Quick Bits
  • Photographer since the age of 8 (ask to see the photo for proof ;))

  • Aesthetic: Authentic & natural meets mid century editorial.

  • Sporadic Traveler: love a random weekend getaway and any excuse to see something new

  • Christian & people-lover 

  • Enneagram 2 

  • I Love being outdoors & journaling

  • I love eating healthy

  • Catch me bopping my head to Ben Rector on the regular

  • Obsessed with music in mostly any genre (except country…sorry)

  • I could give you a passionate speech about how Boy Meets World is one of the best shows of all time.

  • My artwork hung in the Hall of Congress in 2012.

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