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Heeeey there, I’m Kelly!

I am a FL-based love & Lifestyle photographer that is full of life & creativity. My style resembles a bold mid-century magazine paired with a whimsical dream. I love capturing life as it is while also thinking outside-the-box and creating unique moments. Creating my personal style was a process that I started as an 8 year old receiving my first film camera. I never stopped *clicking* since!


I approach every single shoot with the same attitude 8-year-old Kelly had: joy-filled, creative, and personal. Working with me will yield more than incredible & timeless photos, it will give you an experience that leaves you feeling cared for. The hope is by the end of our time working together you will not only introduce me as your photographer but as, “my friend Kelly.”



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For the Creative, Adventurous, and Joy Filled

The basis for everything I do is connection - that is where my heart lies. There is nothing like sitting down with someone and being able to hear their story and maybe even play a small part in it. Photography allows me to do that. 

With “love” photography I not only get to connect with YOU but I get to creatively express the connection that you two already do have. Your love isn’t something that can be “copied” and “pasted.” It is unique and needs to be KNOWN so that it can be accurately shown through a timeless photograph. Hi, that’s my specialty.

Pair that with authenticity & encouragement and you have Kelly (that’s me ;) ). When it comes to photographing a couple, a brand, or an individual it is important that you feel at ease. I vow to always make you feel better leaving a shoot with me than you did coming in. I get the unique opportunity to hear about you and then create a space for you to be the rawest version of yourself and be loved for it.


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